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Lemonex is a global biotherapeutics biotechnology company with next-generation innovative drug delivery technology and
biosensor technology. Based on these innovative technologies, we focus on the development and commercialization of
cancer immunotherapeutics, antibody therapeutics and gene therapeutics.
Modular next-generation drug delivery technology
DegradaBALL® is the original technology of Lemonex that enables the effective delivery of various drug candidates into the cultured cells or
lesions by loading the drugs inside. It is a next-generation drug delivery technology optimized especially for the development of gene therapy,
cancer immunotherapy, antibody therapy, and synthetic drugs. Pre-existing drug delivery vectors such as liposomes, micelles, and exosomes are inappropriate
to maintain the size of the particles, the certain level of the concentration of the drug loaded, and the stability of drug delivery system at room temperature.
Our DegradaBALL® enables control over the size, the concentration, and the stability with convenient procedure.
Particle design optimized for
each drug characteristics
excreted through the degradation
in the biological system
Diverse applicability
Applicable for gene therapy,
cancer immunotherapy, antibody
therapy,and synthetic drugs
Biosensor Technology
PANGO® technology, the original technology of Lemonex, is the next-generation drug screening technology that allows the rapid screening of
antiviral drugs from drug candidate library. It is optimized for the development of therapeutic agents against novel viruses.
High efficiency
HTS system with a FDA-approved
drug library
Speedy drug discovery whenever
new viruses emerge
Reliable and fast drug discovery
based on the well-defined
antiviral mechanism